Sunday, October 5, 2014

InkTober week 1

This year I've decided to do "InkTober": The challenge to draw one picture each day during the month of November using an ink pen.

Here are the results of week one!

 Preparing for InkTober

InkTober Day 1- My version of “Blown away Man” -the iconic photograph by Steven Steigman.

Day 2! My attempt to recreate the logo from Sid Meier's Pirates. The skull is waaaaay too happy, but at least the ship looks decent.

The pirate kick continues... Nostalgic times with my sister.

Day 3

Had some difficulties with shading, but I'm rather pleased with the result. Inspired by the cover of the 2006 version of "As You Like It".  Day 4

A portrait from the Haunted Mansion, Tim Burton style. Day 5

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