Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Top 4 Christian Films" -Wrapping it up

Christian Films and me

     After looking over this list, I’m sure you’ve realized that there aren’t actually any “Christian” films there. There aren’t any dramatic conversion scenes (except in Les Miserables), the main story isn’t necessarily about the moment when someone decides to live their life for God, and there aren’t any famous Christian music artists featured in the credits. I find there are far too many movies that center around a conversion scene. Sure, it can be pretty dramatic, but it’s just the beginning. The real drama is in the journey afterwards.

     I’ve been doing this Christian thing for almost twenty years. I was pretty little when I accepted Jesus into my heart- and it wasn’t really that dramatic. Definitely not like the movies.

     There have been some interesting moments though. When God asks me to show kindness to the Marius’ in my life, and the times when my world is torn apart and thrown upside down, for what purpose...I don’t know.

     That’s why most mainstream Christian-targeted films just don’t resonate with me. When the characters cry and sob during the obligatory “Conversion scene” I just remember my six-year old self saying very simple words- and wonder if I did it wrong somehow.
     It irritates me to no end when films present Christianity as a “fix-all your problems” plug. I feel jealous of the characters onscreen, because obviously God- or, the “god” the movie describes- loves them a whole lot more than he loves me. 

     When a movie actually shows God-fearing individuals struggle, as they do in the movies I have mentioned, I respect the filmmakers a whole lot more. “Ahh,” I think “So you’ve had to go through that too.” I relate, I am engrossed by the story, and I come out encouraged and hopeful.

     There is a huge discussion in the Christian filmmaker society about making “Christian” films, and being a Christian who makes films.

     I lean towards the latter. It’s not an easy occupation. I struggle to create good art that also reflects the Truth I believe in.

     However, as I have pointed out, perhaps the beauty is in the difficulty. The higher the goal, the more difficult it is to obtain.

     Whether you share the same faith that I do, or if you just like good movies, I hope you enjoy these well-crafted films.

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